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What is required to secure the date with you?

Once you are ready to book, we will send you an agreement with all the package details. Once it is signed and sent with agreed retainer, that will then officially seal the booking and reserve the date for you.

Do you take candid shots?

Yes, we take candid shots and also directed shots. Our style is a mix of both so that the photos will turn out natural instead of forced.

What type of equipment do you use?

We use all of the latest and high end cameras and equipment, we also carry multiple backup cameras and memory cards. All footage and equipment is secured.

How long do you keep copies of our wedding footage?

We never delete any wedding footage. We have a big storage that keeps everything, so in case you ever lose your footage we will always have a backup.

Do you bring your own lighting?

Yes, we bring our own lighting and flash equipment, we use a combination of lights and natural light to get the optimal capture.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have insurance and will be able to provide it to the venue per request.

What will your wardrobe be like on our wedding day?

We dress business casual in all black. We will blend in with the guests.

What are the restrictions for sharing photos online or for publication?

If you do not want your photos and video online or social media you can let us know and we will make sure the images and video will not be shared.

Do we have to provide you a meal at our wedding?

No you do not have to, we pack our own lunch with us and during dinner if we get the chance we will find somewhere to snack while still keeping our eyes on the action for moments to capture.

Can family and friends take pictures with their cameras?

Yes absolutely! Does not bother us one bit :)

When should we book you for our wedding?

ASAP – We will not be able to hold the date for you until we complete the agreement and deposit. Some couples book within a year of the wedding date, sometimes even before.

Do you have hobbies outside of shooting weddings?

We have been shooting weddings for 7 years, we absolutely love the joy of capturing moments and sharing it with our couples. When I am not shooting weddings, I love to enjoy movies, time with my family and beautiful wife. We are big time foodies and love traveling! I am a big time movie goer, love reading and always looking for new adventures to embark on!